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Our team of naturalists, historians and ornithologists bring an enormous wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to our expeditions both in the field and onboard our ship during our lecture series.

Our 50-guest Akademik Shokalskiy is fully ice-strengthened and crewed by highly experienced officers and sailors. Enjoy superb cuisine prepared by top NZ and Australian chefs and comfortable cabins with outside windows or portholes.

Visit Mawon's Huts on Christmas Day

For more than 30 years, Heritage Expeditions has pioneered voyages to some of the most wild and biologically rich regions on the planet. Our mission is to increase awareness and conservation of the natural world through responsible expedition travel.

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Macquarie Island: Galapagos of the Southern Ocean -Subantarctic Islands
"My trip to the Subantarctic Islands was just amazing!! I just loved the fields of mega herbs and the wildlife. There were times when there were no words to describe it all. One highlight was the day I got to the top of the boardwalk on Campbell Island--magnificent! The meals were wonderful--fresh and healthy--and your staff sure did look after us! I was very impressed with the young staff; they were very reliable, confident, and made me feel safe and secure. The management of all aspects of everyone onboard was well done. Thank you to Heritage Expeditions for a memorable adventure!"  –Thelma 

Heritage Expeditions

Macquarie Island: Galapagos of the Southern Ocean -Subantarctic Islands
"I want to pass on a very big thank you to everyone at Heritage. My research work went very well, and the trip was an absolute pleasure. Everything about the trip exceeded my expectations: the staff in the office and onboard were absolutely fantastic, exceptional planning to ensure that the needs and desires of all the passengers for particular shore excursions were balanced with safety and weather concerns, incredible knowledge and communication skills of the guides,  amazing food the chefs prepared even in challenging conditions, the Russian crew’s friendliness and enthusiasm despite the language barrier. And of course, what a magical place the Subantarctic Islands are!"   –J
ocelyn, New Zealand

Wildlife sightings can never be guaranteed, but our years of experience mean that we are well equipped to find the best areas for wildlife. Note, visits to hut and research bases not guaranteed and are dependent on ice conditions and weather. Past trip logs and species lists are available for all expeditions.


Images and film care of BDeane, ARuss, EBell, GKrosin, MKelly, ABreniere, SBlanc, KOvsyanikova, CCollins, AFergus and other Heritage Expeditions' staff.  

Macquarie Island: Galapagos of the Southern OceanSubantarctic Islands [13 days]

Aboard Akademik Shokalskiy

  • Island Groups: Snares, Auckland, Macquarie, Campbell
  • Nesting seabird extravaganza on North East Island, The Snares
  • Endemic Snares Crested Penguin breeding grounds
  • Explore wildlife-rich rugged coastlines
  • Macquarie Island's King, Gentoo, Rockhopper and endemic Royal Penguin
  • Nesting site of Southern Royal Albatross on Campbell
  • Human history - Coastwatcher’s Huts, early settlements and shipwreck tales
  • Fur seals, elephant seals and New Zealand Sea Lion colonies 
  • Rolling hills of flowering megaherbs

Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

In the Wake of Mawson, East Antarctica  [25 days]

  • Rarely visited Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica
  • Visit historic Mawson's Hut at Cape Denison on Christmas Day
  • Visit French Research Base, Dumont D'Urville
  • Macquarie & Campbell Islands, among others
  • Encounter Emperor and Adelie penguins up close
  • Crabeater, Weddell and Leopard Seals; New Zealand fur seals
  • Port Martin and McKellar Islands
  • Wildlife encounters with seven plus species of Albatross
  • Mertz Glacier's ice tongue
  • Home to Fin, Minke, Blue, Orca and Humpback Whales
  • Macquarie Island's King, Gentoo, Rockhopper & Royal Penguin
  • Snares Crested Penguin and Buller’s Albatross

Aboard Akademik Shokalskiy

15 Dec 2019 – 08 Jan 2020
Invercargill, NZ and Return   |

03 Dec 2019 – 15 Dec 2019
Invercargill, NZ and Return   |

One of the least visited coastlines in the world

Follow in the footsteps of legendary Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson this Christmas on an authentic expedition down to East Antarctica.

A passionate scientist and academic, Mawson spent his life devoted to exploring and studying Antarctica; leading the famed Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1914. Specifically choosing Cape Denison at Commonwealth Bay as the location for his huts, this iconic setting is now accessible for the first time in eight years and will be the highlight of our upcoming 25-day voyage 'In the Wake of Mawson'.  Discover for yourself the fascination this spectacular region held over Australia’s pioneering Antarctic explorer aboard Akademik Shokalskiy, 15 December 2019 East Antarctic odyssey 'In the Wake of Mawson.'

Alternatively, join Heritage Expeditions on another adventure down to the Ross Sea, and Australia and New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands:

•  08 Jan 2020 – Ross Sea adventure 'In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton'
•  03 Dec 2019 – Subantarctic islands explorer 'Galapagos of the Southern Ocean'

Whether you’re a birder, photographer, wildlife enthusiast, or simply an adventurous spirit, these expeditions offer an unparalleled travel experience.

Documentary film about the remote Subantarctic Islands and Ross Sea region, highlighting the importance of the Southern Ocean to our planet. Film by Filmmaker James Muir. 

Documentary film featuring the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand – the Snares, Auckland and Campbell Islands, and Macquarie Island. Film by Filmmaker Brian Deane.

Antarctic Waters

  • Walk in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps at his Cape Royds hut
  • Venture back in time at Borchgrevink’s Hut at Cape Adare 
  • Visit the Italian & Korean Stations in Terra Nova Bay
  • Visit Enderby Island in Sea Lion breeding season
  • See Royal Penguins on Macquarie Island at their peak
  • Emperor, Royal, King and Adelie Penguins, whales, seals...
  • Adelie Penguin colonies flourishing with chicks (nearly fledglings)
  • Flowering of Megaherbs in the Subantarctic 
  • 24-hour sunlight in the Ross Sea
  • Orcas feeding amongst the ice in McMurdo Sound
  • Navigate through pack ice guarding the entrance to Ross Sea 

In the Wake of Scott and ShackletonRoss Sea Antarctica  [30 days]

08 Jan – 06 Feb 2020
Invercargill, NZ and Return   |


In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton - Ross Sea Antarctica
"A fantastic time! Trip of a lifetime and memories to last for ever. To experience the historic huts and especially to go into Scott's hut at Cape Evans where my grandfather had been in the early 1900s and 60s... Rodney kept on saying "You don't know how blessed you are..." and he was so right. Thank you for your help, advise and assistance you gave me in the months leading up to my departure."  –Robin

In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton - Ross Sea Antarctica
"We are overwhelmed by the excellence of absolutely every aspect of this trip. The staff were so professional, engaging, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We felt safe and well looked after at all times. I doubt having that level of experience and knowledge about Antarctica in one place has not been done before! We were amazed by the quality of the meals, and the cabins and life on board were also more than expected. Please DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. It was worth every cent... We truly believe you guys are one of the best travel companies we have ever dealt with..."  –Ben and Ros

In the Wake of Mawson - East Antarctica
"To all at Heritage Expeditions: Thanks heaps for the trip to East Antarctica and the NZ Subantarctic Islands. I had the best time, and without doubt, had my best experience ever. What a place and what a trip! Thanks again to Rodney and all involved."  –Barry

In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton - Ross Sea Antarctica
"I had such an amazing trip, one I thought was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; but I'm looking at travelling again! The Heritage team ensured the very best experiences were available through careful planning and excellent knowledge of the area and weather conditions. Thank you once again for bringing my life dream to reality."  –Karen


Aboard Akademik Shokalskiy

Visits to research bases & huts are ice and weather dependent and not guaranteed.

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Visits to research bases & huts are ice and weather dependent; not guaranteed.

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In the Wake of Mawson - East Antarctica

" I have found all of your staff that I have dealt with over the years very friendly and helpful which is just part of making heritage a wonderful company. If it wasn't for Heritage none of us would get to experience some very special and amazing parts of the globe. Thank you very much. " –Philippa

In the Wake of Mawson - East Antarctica

"It might seem cliche, but this remote corner of the world stirs something deep inside. The dramatic landscapes and unique species elicit a full suite of emotions that range from the thrill of the adventure to a respect for the ocean and appreciation of the natural world. And finally, there's a deep sense of sadness as you say goodbye."  –Justin

In the Wake of Mawson - East Antarctica
"It has been a delight to travel with you!! Your true enjoyment of the natural world is wonderful and refreshing!" –Rosanne

In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton - Ross Sea Antarctica
We had such a wondrous time...still reeling from it all, it was just fabulous and the thousands of penguins we saw were just amazing and exceeded all our expectations! Four new species for us seen was just amazing...Snares, Royals, SIX EMPERORS and an erect crested – we were in penguin heaven! We've now seen 15 of the 18 penguins in the wild! So, thanks to wonderful Heritage, you have all have made dreams come true for us...So amazing and we loved the islands, the ice, all the birds, whales, seals, ice, crazy sea, calm sea, bergs, sky, peace, beauty and wonder of soo far south, we loved the walks on land, all the landings, Zodiac cruises, food, crew, staff, passengers...it was all just fantastic."  –Julie and Tim (travelled 2017)




East Antarctica: In the Wake of Mawson
15  DECEMBER  2019






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